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These mailers have been tested and proven in markets across the country,

and can be customized for your upcoming event as well as Co-Op Pre-Approval.

9x12 Green Postcard

Self-mailer with a digital/technology theme to match the Combination Box™

6x11 License Plate

Mimicking a real state license plate with a Peel2Win™ insured prize giveaway

Branding Postcard

Available in multiple sizes and featuring an official brand theme with Combination Box

11x17 Double Down

Featuring the Lucky Straights pull tab and a "double your down payment" offer

7x9.25 Winner's Notice

Our 2-part carbonless impact piece, featuring an official prize giveaway theme

8-page with Pull Tab

Affixed with the Match to Win pull tab card and featuring a variety of car offers inside

8.5x11 Certified Cash

An all-cash giveaway paired with the Combination Box™, credit card or Pull Tab Card

Employee Pricing Blowout Postcard

Featuring the Combination Box™ and scratch-off

10.5x17 Lottoball

Featuring an affixed Lottoball ticket on a tri-fold layout

8.5x11 5X Poker Chip

Featuring a red $5,000 clay poker chip with all of the prizes multiplied by 5.

11x17 Jackpot

Self-mailer with clay poker chip number-match and prize giveaway

8.5x14 Gotta Go

Featuring the $5,000 Official Money Chip, this piece has five grand prize winners

8.5x11 Offsite

Customizable direct-mail piece to match your offsite location's logo and theme

8.5x14 Authorized Cash

Featuring the Combination Box™ in a match & win, digital-theme cash giveaway

11x17 Monocle

Featuring the Instant Win Monocle and a decoder box with hidden numbers

11x15 Pull Tab Postcard

Self-mailer with the Match to Win Pull Tab card affixed for a prize giveway event

11x17 Play Your Hand

Featuring the Playing Card and Official Money Chip with a Blackjack prize giveaway

17x22 Tent Event

Over-sized piece designed for off-site/tent sales events, pairs with many different products

11x17 Platinum Rewards

Often paired with Peel2Win™ sticker and embossed card or Combination Box™

8.5x11 Money Chip

Prize giveaway direct-mail piece featuring a clay poker chip and a scratch-off

11x14 Integrated

Pull Tab Postcard

Featuring 5 large pull tabs built directly into the postcard!

8.5x14 Finalist

The "Bread & Butter" mailer, inserted into an envelope with any combination of products

9x12 Bust The Bank

A cash prize giveaway self-mailer, commonly used with the Combination Box™

15x22 Public Notice

Featuring the Combination Box™ and Peel2Win™ sticker

11x17 We're Dealing

Self-mailer with a Play Your Hand card and large 3x3 scratch-off

8.5x11 Greeting Card

Featuring a scratch-off prize giveaway and embossed plastic gift card

8.5x11 Prize Vault

Featuring the Combination Lock™ on a bank vault theme



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